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How do carbon credits work with CCC?

Carbon Capture Company is the only certification body in Sweden focusing on nature-based carbon sinks linked to forests. Over the past few years, we have worked on providing a basis for estimating carbon stocks and sinks in Swedish forests. We assist forest owners who want to deliver a climate service by reviewing and third-party verifying that carbon dioxide has been genuinely captured.

Carbon Capture Company has developed two types of certification schemes for projects creating carbon sinks in forests, one ensuring the sink in existing forests and another contributing to the creation of new sinks by afforesting abandoned agricultural land. We have also created a "currency" for the carbon sink based on how long captured carbon dioxide is held bound and away from the atmosphere – this way, different types of projects can be compared in a fair manner. For forest owners who want to offer climate services to other companies, either directly or through resellers, to balance their carbon dioxide emissions, we provide proof of the captured carbon, known as carbon credits. These carbon credits can also be purchased by companies looking to contribute to climate goals without using them for balancing their own emissions.

In addition, Carbon Capture Company has developed a registry that ensures full traceability of the credits, ensures they can only be used once, and guarantees that one ton of carbon dioxide has indeed been captured and held away from the atmosphere during the project's duration. The credits can be combined to achieve permanent compensation of emissions at a competitive price.



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