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Vi hjälper företag med lokalt klimatarbete

Certification body of nature-based climate solutions in Sweden

CCC is a certification body with the aim of contributing to Sweden and Europe's climate goals. We ensure and enhance the carbon sink in Swedish forests by facilitating carbon credits from climate projects led by Swedish forest owners. Pricing carbon removals in the forest changes the way forests are valued and thus changes the behavior of the whole market. Forests are now being valued not just for their timber, but for the ecosystem services they provide. As the price of carbon removal certificates goes up, this will exert more and more influence over how forests are bought, sold, and managed. Isn’t that what is needed?

Carbon Capture Company offers nature-based climate solutions to customers who want to take responsibility for their carbon footprint and invest in sustainable climate projects. We help customers balance their carbon dioxide footprint through active forest owners who capture and remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. This is done, for example, through afforestation of abandoned agricultural land and by ensuring and increasing the carbon sink in existing forests. Carbon Capture Company's goal is to help companies contribute to Sweden's overall climate goals by actively reducing their carbon footprint and balancing the remaining footprint through real carbon dioxide uptake.

Passion for the Swedish forest

Carbon Capture Company is a Swedish company that highlights, quantifies, and ensures the quality of the climate benefits that managed forests provide when the forest carbon storage increases. The company helps businesses climate compensate in a local, robust, transparent, and 100% traceable way.

The basic principle is simple. Forest owners who manage their forests to increase timber stock and, consequently, carbon storage create a carbon sink. Carbon Capture Company ensures the carbon sink over time through regular checks of the forest conditions in climate projects throughout their duration. Through resellers, carbon credits are offered to companies wanting to balance their own emissions and contribute to reaching Swedens climate goals.

Swedish climate work using the forest's superpowers
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