Leading in nature-based carbon sinks in Swedish forests

CCC is a certification body with the aim of contributing to Sweden and Europe's climate goals. We ensure and enhance the carbon sink in Swedish forests by facilitating carbon credits from climate projects led by Swedish forest owners.

klimatkompensation på hemmaplan,
som bidrar globalt.


Reliable carbon offets locally in Sweden, contributing globally.


A climate action in Swedish forests that can be traced down to coordinate level.


CCC certified climate projects that are third-party audited.

Our method

Certification is necessary for forest carbon sinks to be converted into carbon credits, guaranteeing that carbon dioxide is effectively captured and held away from the atmosphere. CCC has developed models for calculating carbon sinks tailored to Swedish conditions, certification schemes for forestry climate projects, and procedures for issuing and retiring carbon credits.

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CCC currently offers certification for two types of climate projects that generate carbon credits, which can be combined in various ways to achieve permanent climate compensation. This is done through afforestation of abandoned agricultural land and by developing forest management in existing forests to increase the carbon stock.

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